The Application of Power batteries on New Energy Vehicles

The Application of Power batteries on New Energy Vehicles

Forum held in Tianjin Binhai New Area in September 2017. Ministry of Industry and Information Technology Deputy Minister Xin Guobin said that for some countries have developed a timetable for the production and sale of traditional energy vehicles, China has also started the relevant research, we will develop China's own timetable. This initiative fully demonstrates our government determines to promote the development of new energy vehicles. Meanwhile China's traditional automobile industry will also face greater challenges.

In response to the increasingly prominent fuel supply and demand contradictions and environmental pollution problems, the world's major automobile manufacturers have sped up the deployment of new energy vehicles, new energy vehicles will be developed as a national industrial development strategy.

Up to now, some European-based countries have developed a timetable for stopping the production and sale of traditional energy vehicles: Germany and India have proposed to prohibit the sale of fuel trucks in 2030; Netherlands and Norway proposed to ban Fuel trucks from selling in 2025 ; France plans to stop selling fuel trucks by 2040 and take it as part of its "five-year plan" to fulfill its commitment to the Paris climate agreement; the British government has also proposed to ban fuel vehicles form selling to improve air quality.

China's accession to the ranks of traditional fuel trucks, fully demonstrated the Chinese government’s determination to develop new energy automotive industry. By the end of 2016, China's car ownership close to 200 million, bringing severe resources and energy and environmental pressure to accelerate the development of new energy vehicles, it not only the effective mitigation of easing energy and environmental pressures to promote the sustainable development of the automotive industry, but also the strategic initiatives to promote Automobile industry transformation and upgrading to cultivate new economic growth and the international competitive advantage. To promote the development of new energy automotive industry, our government has made great efforts.

Once China announced the ban on the traditional fuel truck schedule, it is expected to become China's great opportunity of develop auto industry with new energy, seizing the commanding heights of global science and technology, driving power batteries, charging equipment, energy storage equipment and other related industries, to make great breakthrough.

In addition, China joined to ban the sale of traditional fuel trucks, the traditional automotive industry will face greater challenges.

First, the production of automotive products will face great changes, such as fuel engines, gearbox and other traditional power system, which will be converted to drive motor, new power system based on power battery; auto parts industry chain and car production line are also facing comprehensive update and substantial adjustment.

Second, in addition to the automobile production system is facing adjustment, car sales market, supporting services market, vehicle maintenance services and other post-service markets have to undergo earth-shaking changes, such as gas station system will give way to the charging station system.

Third, the key technology of new energy vehicles is to make a breakthrough as soon as possible, such as automotive power batteries, we should enhance the mileage significantly in the context of high efficiency and safety, which requires a revolutionary breakthrough in battery technology.

Follows is the sales growth of different brands of new energy vehicles in 2016:

Brands 2015 2016 Growth
BYD 58869 100178 70%
Geely Automobile 26554 49218 85%
Bei Qi New Energy 17060 46420 172%
Zhong Tai Automobile 24408 36999 52%
Chery Automobile 14147 20963 48%
Shang Qi Automobile 11123 20017 80%
Jiang Huai Automobile 10420 18369 76%
Jiang Ling Automobile 5268 15608 196%
Chan An Automobile 1500 4931 229%
Dongfeng Automobile 4347
Others 18588 11814
Totol 176814 328864 86%

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