About Us

Welcome to KOK Power Limited (KOK), the frontier of intelligent lithium-ion battery systems in China. Founded on the pillars of innovation and sustainability in 2011, we have etched our names in the hearts of industries and individuals who rely on dependable battery systems. Our customer-centric smart batteries do much more — they monitor, conserve, and allow for intelligent power use. They are designed with a proprietary battery management system (BMS), showcasing battery status through Bluetooth or other APP communications, or directly on the screen.

Our core strength lies in our intense focus on Research & Development and the manufacturing of smart battery systems. These intelligent battery systems have found versatile applications across a wide array of sectors. E-mobility is one of them where our batteries power e-bikes, e-scooters, e-skateboards, e-motorcycles, e-tricycles/rickshaws, e-wheelchairs, e-golf carts, e-forklifts, e-tourist vehicles, RVs/caravans, and marine vehicles. They are also the heart of Energy Storage Systems (like solar/wind systems, telecom/base stations, UPS/ backup systems), and engine starter batteries.

At KOK, we believe in moving ahead with the times. Our batteries are designed to replace outdated, bulky, and polluting Lead-Acid / AGM/ GEL/ SLA batteries. Instead, they wield cutting-edge smart lithium battery technology to offer energy solutions that are both efficient and environmentally friendly.

Each member of the KOK team, from senior management to assembling operators, boasts over eight years of experience in crafting batteries fit for diverse applications. Our team is a confluence of technical prowess and excellent communication skills, always ready to discover a custom power solution for your applications. With KOK, you are not just getting a product, but a promise of end-to-end design, build, and test solutions that cater to your unique requirements.

A testimony to our commitment to excellence is the Hi-Tech Company of Guangdong Province award that has been bestowed upon us. We continue to work tirelessly to ensure the safety, robustness, and competitive pricing of our products. True to our mission, all of our products are ISO9001, IEC62133, UL1642 / UL2054, CE, and RoHS approved, and set to exceed industry safety and environmental standards.

Our Vision

We aim to spearhead battery solutions that radically improve the global environment and drive us towards a sustainable future.

Our Core Value

Our endeavor is to persistently develop the next generation of battery technologies and provide comprehensive customer support that matches our high product standards.

Our Mission

To surpass our customers’ expectations in everything we do, fostering their growth, while sharing in the collective responsibility towards our environment. We are not just providing a service, we are building partnerships guided by mutual growth and respect. Here at KOK Power Limited, we look forward to powering a greener and brighter future together. Every day, we rise to the challenge of pushing the boundaries of what's possible in the realm of battery technology. Join us on this exciting journey into the future!