ODM Service

Explore a new horizon of product development with KOK Power’s Original Design Manufacturer (ODM) services. Our ODM services extend beyond typically outsourced manufacturing, as we join forces with businesses to conceptualize and execute bespoke product designs that service their unique application needs.

Whether you're a startup looking for an efficient battery solution or an established business wanting to enhance your existing product range, our ODM services have you covered. We foster the spirit of collaboration and cocreate energy solutions by aligning with your specific vision and objectives.

Our team, armed with over eight years of experience, features experts capable of transforming your ideas into a tangible and efficient energy solution. Our proficiency in a versatile range of industries, from e-mobility to energy storage systems, coupled with our commitment to innovation, helps us in delivering design solutions that match your exact requirements.

At KOK Power, we pride ourselves on having a close-knit working relationship with our clients. We strive to understand not only your product goals but the market dynamics and end-user experience you aim to offer. This holistic approach allows us to tailor solutions that cater to market demands and user expectations, making your product a success.

Our end-to-end design and manufacturing process is guided by stringent quality controls and testing methodologies. Every product emerging from our facilities meets or exceeds global industry safety and environmental standards, all while delivering on design and functionality.

But our relationship doesn’t end once a product is delivered. We understand that innovation is a continuous process. Our after-sales service ensures that we are here to lend support and use feedback to fuel product improvements.

At KOK Power, we believe in combining forces and leveraging shared capabilities. Through our ODM services, we offer not just a product, but a commitment to making your ideas a success in the market. Let's journey together in this exciting innovation-driven future of smart, energy-efficient, and sustainable solutions.