The Evolution and Expansion of Scooters Fueled by Advanced Lithium Battery Technology

The Evolution and Expansion of Scooters Fueled by Advanced Lithium Battery Technology

In recent years, the scooter industry has experienced rapid growth, particularly in Europe and Asia. Innovative urban transportation solutions such as scooters have gained popularity, especially among city dwellers and those needing to cover "last-mile" distances after commuting by train or bus.

One notable example is Israel's Nimrod Sapir, who developed the Inokim series of scooters. Equally impressive, Dr. Sorin Sirbu from Romania designed etwow, a powerful, lightweight, and cost-effective vehicle. New brands like Jackhot, Citycoco, and Egret have also emerged.

These electric scooters provide a quick and efficient means for people to reach their destinations without leaving an environmental footprint or causing pollution.

Meanwhile, regulatory changes have also spurred industry growth. In Denmark, new EEC vehicle regulations implemented in 2018 allow scooters to travel on urban roads at speeds up to 20 km/h. Scooter dealers in other European countries are hopeful that similar directives will encourage small scooter development industry-wide.

The success of scooters can largely be attributed to the maturity of lithium battery technology. Designing a scooter that is powerful, lightweight, has a long range, and can be quickly charged presents significant battery challenges.

Currently, most new scooter models use lithium batteries; however, considering the extensive user base, the original capacity of these batteries is often relatively small.

To ensure users can use their scooters not only for last-mile commuting but also for leisure and extended journeys, we've designed larger capacity yet lightweight lithium batteries for popular scooters like Inokim, Jackhot, and etwow.

European and Singaporean scooter dealers now offer our batteries as alternative choices for their customers.

Here's a snapshot of some of our products:

  • 24V 8.7Ah etwow battery for etwow master
  • 33V 10.5AH etwow battery for etwow booster
  • 36V 10.5AH etwow battery for etwow booster
  • 36V 14Ah inokim battery for inokim light
  • 48V 14Ah inokim battery for inokim quick 3
  • 72v 20Ah LiFePO4 battery packs for electric motorcycles
  • 72v 30Ah lithium battery for e-mobility scooters
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