What is the core technology behind KOK Power's lithium-ion batteries?

The core technology in KOK Power's lithium-ion batteries is a patented smart battery management system (BMS). This system employs cutting-edge technology to not only display and monitor the battery's status but also enable devices to conserve and use power intelligently. It communicates this information through Bluetooth, other apps, or directly on the screen.

In which areas are KOK Power's smart battery systems applied?

KOK Power's smart battery systems are widely used in several fields. In E-Mobility, they power a range of electric vehicles, from bikes and scooters to wheelchairs, golf carts, and more. They also serve in Energy Storage Systems, such as solar/wind systems, telecom/base stations, and UPS/backup systems, and as engine starter batteries.

How does KOK Power ensure the quality and safety of its products?

Quality and safety are paramount in KOK Power's operations. The company complies with various industry safety and environmental standards, including ISO9001, IEC62133, UL1642 / UL2054, CE, and RoHS. All KOK products are designed and manufactured to meet or exceed these standards, ensuring safe and reliable performance.

How does KOK Power contribute to the environment?

KOK Power actively contributes to environmental conservation through its smart lithium-ion battery technology. Unlike traditional bulky and pollutant lead-acid or AGM batteries, KOK's batteries represent a cleaner, more efficient, and environmentally-friendly alternative.

Can KOK Power create a customized power solution for my application?

Absolutely, KOK Power excels at providing custom power solutions. Its sales and technical team, with more than eight years of experience, works closely with clients to understand their applications and requirements, then provides complete design, build, and test solutions tailored specifically to those needs.